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Shannen Doherty plays with her pussy

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Here’s Shannen Doherty, showing us how being a Charmed sister can be a very good thing.  This time, it’s not potions in a cauldron she’s stirring, but her pussy, and with enchanting results! And who wouldn’t be mesmerized to see Shannen and her MILFy pussy getting some action done right in front of the camera? And even though Shannen Doherty only got to play as one of the Charmed sisters for a short time, after a row with her costar Alyssa Milano, she never quit being a whore, with proof in these skanky pussy spreading and playing pictures of her!

If you’re a fan of Shannen Doherty, and think you’ve seen every bit of her, well of course, you’re wrong. These nude pics of Shannen Doherty are sure to complete every obssessive-compulsive Doherty fan’s day, by finally seeing this horny celebrity MILF in the flesh, stripped, and sticking a sticky finger up her cunt. And if she’s not penetrating her pussy with her itching fingers, she also has time to give everybody a peek of what’s inside her vagina, and if you’re curious to know what, then you should head past the link to find out!